VoIP Telephony, Modem and Router Services

We know that connectivity is a crucial part of any organisation, with applications ranging across the entire business. From communications to cloud computing, business management to accounting, we have the high-quality products to ensure your business stays connected to all your vital systems across all devices.

VoIP Telephony

Traditional phones are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Modern-day businesses require telecommunication solutions that are reliable, cost-effective, multi-functional, and most of all, upgradable. No more worrying about having to get new phone lines installed – simply take your cordless VoIP phones to the next step of your journey.

Our VoIP phones offer conference call, call log, voicemail, caller ID, call diversion, and a range of other special built-in features and capabilities. We can even offer full menu-based setups (press 1 for sales, anyone?)!

Networking and Modems

Having an internet connection is no longer just optional for businesses, especially if your systems run on cloud and IT services. Here at POSCOM we have access to the best technologies in the networking industry when it comes to providing high-speed powerful broadband internet connections. A Modem+Router solution allows all your devices to communicate with each other and whatever system you use. Cabling allows you to connect things without WiFi capabilities (and is still the most reliable way to connect a printer).

Wi-Fi Access Points

Fast, reliable and high-performance Wi-Fi helps ensure that all your wireless devices are always connected – and not all WiFi systems are equal. We supply the right unit for your business, not just the most expensive one we can get away with.

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