POS Receipt Printers

No point of sale system is complete without a reliable and easy-to-use receipt printer, and that’s only the beginning. Forget about the old POS printer problems of the past, and welcome the POSCOM receipt printer range into the present and future of your business. With a variety of options to choose from at very competitive prices, we provide straightforward and elegant printing solutions for your point of sale to suit every business’ needs and budget.

Easy Use and Maintenance

THE POSCOM range of receipt printers offer straightforward controls for easy set-up and day-to-day use. Ran out of paper on your printer? Easy-to-use features for selected POS printers offer drop-in paper loading, autocutters and simple-to-read LEDs, making them well armed for high volume environments. With our printers, troubleshooting your receipt printer has never been this easy.

Ethernet and USB Connectivity

Our POS printers come with a range of flexible integration options, covering all connection types for your printing needs including ethernet, USB and serial connectivity. The latest technologies lets you take your business anywhere, with wireless printing options that are quick and easy to connect to your main computer or mobile device.

Logo Capabilities

Your brand should be reflected in every aspect of the business, including your receipts. Our hand-picked receipt printers are equipped with customisable logo features, ensuring your logos, coupons and barcodes print in high quality and are always crisp and clear on paper.

Thermal Printing

POSCOM printers boast cutting-edge thermal printing technology that has changed the game for receipt production. Thermal printers are more durable, versatile, and require less maintenance. Say goodbye to slow, unreliable ink printing – thermal printers work quickly and quietly, ensuring fast and no-fuss receipt printing.

Fast Printing Speeds

Speed is a thermal printer’s greatest weapon. Our POS printer range print at speeds from 150 to 300 mm/second, guaranteeing that there is a printer just for your business’ needs.

Space Efficient

POS printers shouldn’t get in the way of your workspace, so our printers come with compact, space-saving designs while still boasting powerful processors for fast label output.

Lease your POS printer today and get installation included – just talk to a local dealer!