Tablet Brackets for Point Of Sale

Tablets have rapidly risen in popularity – one can easily spot them in any business, serving a variety of purposes. A tablet can be a point of sale system for a small café, a promotional device at a mobile phone store, or an informational tool that helps people search for items in-store. A tablet’s broad range of applications across many industries make it a technological essential in the business world.

If your organisation utilises flexible tablet technology, having the right tablet bracket is the next step to fully optimising its use. The perfect tablet bracket solution will:

  1. free up counter space,
  2. enhance staff productivity,
  3. improve ergonomics, and
  4. optimise your point of sale system.

The experts at POSCOM have listed the top features to look for when choosing the perfect tablet bracket:

Heavy Duty

Tablet brackets are likely to see a lot of staff or customer interaction – so they need to be built to withstand this. If they are made of durable, heavy-duty material, they will last longer and increase service-life. You don’t want your tablet falling over while your customer interacts with it, so a strong tablet mount is essential.


Tablets are valuable pieces of technology, so you don’t want to lose them. Having a tablet holder that has secure locking features ensures that it stays in place, making it difficult to steal. Bolting your mount to a wall, a counter, or any flat surface also helps secure your tablet. If your business sees a lot of foot traffic, having a bolting option will prove useful to further increasing security.

Size & Orientation

A tablet’s size can vary between 5 and 10 inches, or even more. You may want to consider tablet brackets with expandable cradles that can cater to a variety of tablet sizes. A tablet mount that can support portrait or landscape mode, and has the ability to have its angles pivoted, will prove to be a more ergonomic option for different users.

POSCOM has a wide range of tablet brackets and tablet mounts that are durable, secure, and cater to every business application. Talk to your local dealer for more information on the right one for you!