Touchscreen Hardware

Some business use kitchen printers. Some use a touchscreen display to show orders. Some use a POS terminal, some use a PC and touchscreen.
Whatever your use case or industry, a touchscreen is often a more user-friendly option than a mouse when it comes to retail.
There are a few things to consider when looking at touchscreen technology.

  • How many people will be using the system?
    People of varying heights will see the screen at a different angle, so viewing angle is a big factor to consider with both the screen itself and the mount you choose.
  • What is the environment?
    A screen above a coffee machine will be more likely to encounter steam than a machine on a countertop – so needs to be a little more hard-wearing.
  • Do any of your staff have trouble with phone screens? Do they have to wear gloves for the job?
    There are two types of touchscreen commonly used – ‘capacitive’ and ‘resistive’. One works with skin (and certain gloves), while the other just works with pressure. Be sure to choose the right one for your industry.
  • How often does it need cleaning?
    A big bottom bezel is great for catching dust – and germs. A nice flat monitor can be cleaned with an antibacterial wipe much more easily – and just looks nicer as a bonus.

If that list looks a little daunting, don’t worry – our members are here to help you. Simply contact a local dealer to discuss the best option for your business.