CCTV Packages and Security Cameras

Close-Circuit Television, more commonly known as CCTV, is an integral part in the security industry. This technology is a type of video surveillance that transmits signals to a remote location, as opposed to public transmission like ordinary TVs. CCTV cameras are now widely-used in modern business for surveillance and security purposes. Here at POSCOM we believe that protecting your business assets from potential threats should never be taken for granted; that’s why we provide only the best in CCTV camera technology.

Benefits of Installing CCTV Cameras

There are many benefits of installing good quality surveillance for your business. We’ve listed the most crucial ones below.

Discourages theft and reduce risk

CCTV cameras are proven crime deterrents as they discourage thieves from stealing in fear of being caught on film. Crime prevention should be a priority when it comes to protecting your goods, and prevention is always better than cure. Additionally, making customers aware that they are in a safe space helps boost their sense of safety.

Ensures employee productivity

Having CCTV cameras all around helps to ensure that your employees always have their best feet forward in terms of dealing with your products as well as with your customers.

Enables remote monitoring

You can’t always be there to monitor the goings-on in your business space. Surveillance cameras help you monitor store activities from a remote location for peace of mind.

Useful for assisting law enforcement

Crimes can happen, and in the event that they do, CCTV camera footage will help law enforcement officers collect useful evidence. This aids in making sure that the people responsible for any lost or damaged goods are being held accountable.

Helps with improving work strategies

Monitoring customer behaviour will help keep track of what products/services work well. This will help with things like changing your store layout and improving overall customer experience.

Things to Consider When Choosing CCTV Cameras

  • Resolution quality
  • Sufficient lighting
  • Black and White/Colour Imaging
  • Accessories
  • Maximum camera range/radius
  • Wired or wireless

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