POS Digital Weight Scales

Having a digital weight scale in your food retail business is fundamental when your items’ prices are based on weight. Food like fish, meat and produce are usually sold by weight unless prepackaged. Whether you run a chain grocery store or a stall at the food market, ensuring that you get the right digital retail scale to price your items is crucial to your business’s success.

The perfect weight scale solution for your business:

  • weighs products correctly and accurately,
  • is durable and can withstand harsh conditions (e.g. waterproof),
  • is efficient and easy-to-use, and
  • looks neat and professional.

Different digital weight scales also offer these features to make them more suitable for retail use:

POS Interfacing

POS interfacing allows weight scales such as the CAS AP1 and CAS PDii to be connected to an electronic cash register and point of sale system. A serial port connects the scale to your POS, ensuring faster, more accurate transactions.

Label scale

Label scales such as the CAS LP-1 are used to weigh and print labels at the same time, streamlining the pricing process. This is especially useful in grocery stores or food markets where the weighed products are separate from the point of sale, and everything is paid for at the check-out.

PLU Storage

Price look-up or PLU codes are product identification numbers. PLUs stored in weight scales make point of sale, check-out and inventory control easier and faster.

Weight Capacity

Depending on the type of goods you sell, you might need scales with smaller or larger weight capactities. Most scales can handle at least 6KGs of weight, with different weight capacities available based on your needs.

Trade Approved

Scales must be legally trade approved to ensure accurate pricing for both your business and your customers’ benefits. Ensure that the scale you choose has an existing TMU number so it can be tested and certified by the accredited personnel.

Here at POSCOM we stock trade approved digital weight scales to ensure accurate and reliable pricing. Leasing with POSCOM also includes FREE installation – talk to your local dealer today!